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the security operations management platform for growth-oriented



Site-specific task lists for officers

Automatic task reminders for officers

Manage leave allocations

Manage leave applications

Tracking dashboard for HQ staff to check on


PDPA Compliant

Visitor self-service

Details auto-filled for repeat visitors

Visitor reports viewable at a glance

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Site-specific SOPs

Customisable courses by HQ

Create test to ascertain knowledge (useful for officers on OJT)

Fulfills SAGE Criteria on training and development


Operations Managers can set tasks that officers have to complete at particular sites

Officers receive notifications to complete the tasks before they are due

Operations Managers can maintain birds-eye view over task completion

helping officers learn while on the job

making security operations hassle free again

automating visitor management

increasing accountability of officers

Visitor Report
Incident Report
Leave Application

one-time licensing fee

Allows SA to deploy THOR across all sites, indefinitely.

$7,000, armortised over contract term

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user accounts on thor

Allows SOs Opeations Staff, Management Staff, and Clients to use THOR in their respective roles.

$3.99 per account (monthly)

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sites managed through thor

Allow SOs and clients to interact directly with information pertinent to their site.

$29.99 per site (monthly)


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